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As your son/daughter approaches their iGCSE and GCE exams we would like to inform you of an additional opportunity for revision and exam preparation with a programme that has been organized to help them prepare successfully.

The programme will run from Monday 4th April – Friday 8th April (8:00am – 1:00pm)

The programme aims to provide further advice and practice with:

  • Study Skills
  • Essay Writing
  • Subject Revision
  • Exam Preparation

The morning will be split into 3 x 1hr 30min sessions (with supervised breaks) allowing for 2 sessions per subject over the course of the week.


15,000 BIF per student per day or 60,000 BIF for the full week when booked in advance.

Costs include additional materials, snack and one drink.

(Students will be required to bring their school writing materials, calculator etc…)

For more information please contact Mrs Mutua (Head of Secondary) on email: or the Secondary School Office on +257 75 31 43 14