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The King’s School – Spring Break Programme

A fun, ‘Hands On’ learning experience for all children, with an additional focus on English language learning.

When?  Monday April 4th – Friday April 8th 2016 –  8am to 5pm

Where? The King’s School – Primary School, Kinindo

Who? Children aged 5 to 11 years (from any school or language background)

Why? To provide a fun week of learning for all, with the added bonus of developing English Language skills for those who do not speak English fluently

What? Five 1 hour sessions each day – Science in Action/Arts & Crafts/Drama Workshop/Music & ICT/Fun with Sports…plus supervised break time

Who With? Delivered by qualified teachers and experienced support assistants

How much? 10,000 BIF per day includes:

  • Lunch
  • 1 Drink (extra can be purchased)
  • All materials needed for the sessions

Special Offers:

– 45,000 BIF for advance booking for the whole week.

– 40,000 BIF for advance weekly booking for 2nd / 3rd  child in family.

All payment must be made in advance to gain discounts. No discounts on daily payments.

For more information and to book…
email: or call +257 71 86 53 34


Does my child have to attend The King’s School to be able to attend ‘Hands On!’? 

No. Hands On is open to children from any school.

What if my child does not speak any English?

All teachers leading sessions are used to teaching children with little or no English. Part of the aim of the week is to provide children with an opportunity to learn or improve their English language skills.

My child is fluent in English, does that mean he/she can’t come?

No, the week is open to all. The English language focus is there for those who need it. But all children will enjoy the fun and learning opportunities.

Can I pay for the sessions at the end of the week?

Sorry, that will not be possible. Payment will need to be at the beginning of the day if paying on a daily basis, or at the beginning of the week, if you are seeking any of the weekly discounts.

What if I pay at the beginning of the week and then my child does not attend?

You will be given a 50% refund on any missed days, if the absence is due to illness or other serious difficulties.

What if my child does not want to have the lunch provided?

The cost will remain the same, but you may send food in for your child if you wish. You may also send your child with extra drinks and snacks if you wish to.