Parent Information

Last Update: 18/09/17 @ 04:30

Up to date information regarding school activities and events will be posted on this page.

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SCHOOL FEES [New] – We would like to thank all parents that have paid their fees so far.  However, we would want to encourage you to bring your bank slips to the school administration for receipts to be issued. All students that have not paid their school fees in full will not be allowed in class on Monday 18th September, 2017.

FULL PARENTS MEETING [New] There will be a meeting for all parents at 6pm on Friday 22nd September at the King’s Conference Centre(KCC) Av Du Large. This meeting is an opportunity to receive an update on the school and ask questions. Please do join us.

Primary School

GUINEA PIGS AND RABBITS [new] – Year 6 have responsibility for the school’s pets next week (w/c 18th September). Please bring in spare vegetables to help feed them.

2017/18 Term Dates – Term dates for the next academic year are as follows:

Term 1: Monday 4th September – Friday 22nd December (Half Term: Monday 30th October – Monday 6th November)

Term 2: Tuesday 9th January – Thursday 29th March (Half Term: Monday 19th February – Monday 26th February)

Term 3: Tuesday 17th April – Thursday 28th June (Half Term: Wednesday 23rd May – Friday 25th May)

EMAIL UPDATES – To receive email updates from the school, please email