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Important Information for all StudentsLunch Times  – All Secondary pupils staying at school over the Lunch break 1pm to 3pm. Need to stay on school premises at all times.

I am concerned that many pupils who are meant to be staying at school during the lunch break, are wandering in and out of the gates, throughout the lunch time.

This makes it impossible for the Duty teachers to ensure the safety of all students remaining at school.

Pupils who leave the premises will not be permitted to return until 2:45pm (it will be assumed that they are not remaining at school).

Food and drinks are available to purchase at the school canteen.

Please ask your child to cooperate with this request, if you want them to remain at school during the lunch break.


School Uniform

⚠️⚠️From January 2018 you may wear the new uniform
From September 2018 you must wear the new uniform

Primary Uniform on sale at Primary Administration. All sizes available.
Secondary Uniform – Pick up an order form from Admin.
Fill in the order sheet and come to be measured at Secondary Administration – 1pm – Monday 15th/Tuesday 16th January (future dates to be arranged as needed)


Time for school photos


We are taking school photos for students and this time students will have their photos in a book with some school information.


SCHOOL UNIFORMS We are excited to inform all parents, guardians and students that the turquoise blue textile for your school uniform is now available.
Spread the news!!!

Please find contact below:
Rohit Sharma
“Tissus Cotebu”
Avenue Ntahangwa n* 4
Quartier Asiatique
Tel 22224684


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EMAIL UPDATES – To receive email updates from the school, please email