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Last Update: 12/11/18 @ 18:30

OPEN FORUM FOR PARENTS OF YEAR 10 TO 13 [NEW] – Further to the meeting held on Thursday 8th November –  Open Forum for Parents of Year 10 to 13, where we discussed discipline issues. Click here for notes from this meeting. If you have any comments or suggestions, please do contact the Principal or Head of Secondary school or email the school.  Thank you.

Lunch Times  – All Secondary pupils staying at school over the Lunch break 1pm to 3pm. Need to stay on school premises at all times.

I am concerned that many pupils who are meant to be staying at school during the lunch break, are wandering in and out of the gates, throughout the lunch time.

This makes it impossible for the Duty teachers to ensure the safety of all students remaining at school.

Pupils who leave the premises will not be permitted to return until 2:45pm (it will be assumed that they are not remaining at school).

Food and drinks are available to purchase at the school canteen.

Please ask your child to cooperate with this request, if you want them to remain at school during the lunch break.


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