African Revival Ministries


ARM was created to bring reconciliation and a message of hope to the citizens of Burundi, Rwanda and surrounding countries which had been left struggling after years of civil strife, colonization, lack of access to proper health care and education.

In 1997 ARM’s founder, David Ndaruhutse, was tragically killed in a plane crash. Since then Pastor Edmond Kivuye, David’s nephew, has continued the vision and the ministry continues to grow. The year 2005 marked the end of the civil war in Burundi and has brought with it the opportunity to rebuild economically, politically and spiritually.

More than an outreach, ARM is dedicated to presenting the Gospel in a tangible way. By providing the people of Burundi with necessary medical services, housing, food and more, it is putting action with faith and making a measurable difference in their lives.

The objective is simple: to proclaim, teach and demonstrate the Kingdom of God. (opens in new window)